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What's New in 23.10

We are pleased to announce our latest 23.10 release of Journey Manager is ready for you to download! It includes new and enhanced features, security improvements and updated libraries, plus bug fixes. Read on to find out more!

Version Date Released Features & Enhancements Resolved Issues Downloads
23.10.2 31 May 2024
23.10.1 4 April 2024
23.10.0 21 December 2023

Key Features

Here is a list of the key features we've introduced or enhanced. To learn more about each feature, click a documentation link or read the Features and Enhancements section below.

Global Forms

Global Forms is an experimental feature which may be subject to improvements and breaking changes in upcoming releases. If you have questions not covered by the documentation, contact your Client Services Team for assistance.

We've introduced a new feature that allows rendering of forms across multiple organizations. Submissions can be rendered against a global form from other organizations allowing for single deployment of solutions that can be shared. Also, new or existing forms can be configured as global. For more information, see form import, form details and form view.
We've changed the way global services, functions and tasks obtain correct organizations. For more information, see Create a Service, Create a Transact Function and Create a Task.
System Issues
A new card has been added to the Journey Manager Admin Home Dashboard that displays unresolved system problems that are affecting performance and maintenance. This dashboard report is driven by the database integrity checked introduced in 23.04.
Security Enhancements
We've introduced the following:
  • Default Admin Password – You can now set the Administrator password for new instances during the installation process. For more information, see the installation via the UI or a script.
  • Virus Scanning on Admin UI – Uploads to the UI will now be virus scanned, but this feature can be disabled, if needed.
Enhanced Configuration Service
The Configuration Service has been further extended to cover additional entities in Journey Manager.
Renamed Work Space

The Work Space form space has been renamed to Journey Space, so there is no confusion with the portal. The Context Path URL has also been changed from to

For the changes to take effect, you need to have a fresh installation of Manager or the Journey Space form space. If you only upgrade Manager, you still have the old Work Space name with the old Context Path URL as

OS and Database
We've added support for CentOS Linux 9 and Microsoft SQL Server 2022 and 2019. For more information, see Journey Manager System Requirements.
Groovy Debug Logging
We've added the com.avoka.fc.core.overrideProductionGroovyDebugLogRestriction property to override the effect of the Production Mode option on Groovy services logging behavior. For more information, see Configure Transact Function Parameters Edit.

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