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24.02 15 February 2024


The 2024 Springboard Winter release, also known as the 24.02 release, is primarily an upgrade of Springboard services, libraries, forms, and Workspaces to be compatible with the 23.04 release of Temenos Journey Manager (TJM) and Journey SDK (where Jakarta EE replaces Java EE; see below), Journey Maestro, and Journey Workspaces.

Solution versions

  • Retail DAO 24.2.0
  • Lending with LMS 24.2.0
  • SMB DAO 24.2.0


All three solutions received the same upgrades.

  • Journey Manager 23.04.2
  • Journey SDK 23.03
  • Journey Maestro 23.04.2
  • Journey Workspaces 23.04

Jakarta EE

As mentioned in the Journey SDK 23.04 release notes, Jakarta EE 10 replaced Java EE. This is a requirement for WildFly and affects all Groovy services within TJM for customers upgrading to TJM 23.04. It's important to become familiar with the Jakarta changes, whether upgrading an existing implementation to 23.04 or deploying a new implementation. For further information, see the Journey SDK 23.04 release notes.

All Springboard Groovy services in Retail DAO 24.02, Lending with LMS 24.02, and SMB DAO 24.02 have been upgraded to use Jakarta packages and don’t need extra Jakarta transformation.

However, if your team has custom services, Security manager scripts, or Exchange services that need to be updated to use Jakarta packages, TJM 23.04 comes with some pre-installed solutions:

To update old Javax references of a single service to use Jakarta packages:

  1. Login to Journey Manager as an administrator.
  2. Select System > Deployment Properties.
  3. Select the option Enable transforming javax to Jakarta.
  4. Export the individual service that needs a Jakarta update.
  5. Import the service you just exported.
  6. Repeat steps 4 and 5 for each service you need to update.
  7. Once services are imported, disable the deployment property Enable transforming javax to Jakarta so that other imports or Jenkins deployment performances are not impacted.

As always, it is advised to back up services and perform these steps in lower environments first. For more information, see Migrate to Jakarta EE.



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