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This version is now End of Life.
Version Date Released Features & Enhancements Resolved Issues Downloads
17.10.11 June 17, 2020
17.10.10 December 12, 2019
17.10.9 September 14, 2018
17.10.8 August 10, 2018
17.10.7 July 5, 2018
17.10.6 May 31, 2018
17.10.5 May 7, 2018
17.10.4 April 19, 2018
17.10.3 March 23, 2018
17.10.2 February 16, 2018
17.10.1 January 4, 2018
17.10.0 November 30, 2017

What's New

The main focus of the 17.10 release is to provide improved platform support for modern development, change management and deployment processes for our customers.

Productivity has been a key driving factor for this release with a number of features aimed at improving developer productivity through improved tooling and extensions to the Fluent API. These features simplify common developer tasks and reduce the amount of code developers have to write.

Key Features

Transact Functions

This exciting feature set gives you the power to use functional programming within Transact Manager in brand new ways.

Build and test smaller units of code for enhanced re-use, reasoning, and isolated, reliable testing. Rather than writing three functions to call a third-party service (one to call the service and two to connect it to the two places required in the process) you can now write the function once and simply trigger it at whatever points or points you need.

The improved server-side programming model for Maestro forms uses new Fluent Functions, providing:

• Finer-grained trigger controls such as triggering on a submit, save, open, close or update function

• Function chaining support

• Delivery functions that can support real-time delivery but also revert to background delivery in the event of a failure

In addition, a new form HTTP API for Maestro and Transact Manager creates a communication method that allows for a consistent data model between the two modules.

Transact SDK & Continuous Integration (CI)

This new release helps to remove the effort and risk inherent in manual deployment. It provides improved CI-based testing support.

Create a definition of what is included in the application package and versioned in GIT or another SCM tool. Your CI tool recognizes changes and can automatically build, test and deploy to environments if tests are passed.

Developer Tools have been combined into a unified Transact SDK to provide a single set of tools to help developers make the most of integrating with Transact API's while using Continuous Integration.

Reference Data

Transact Reference Data decouples reference data from the form, decreases the form load time, and enables you to deploy once for use on many forms.Reference Data provides simplified query language and local support for regional data sets and supports CSV, XML, and JSON with service-side filtering of CSV data.

Semantic Versioning

This release unifies versioning across the platform for consistency including full semantic versioning across all forms and services.

Semantic Versioning enables two teams to work in parallel on more than one form solution and permits hierarchal management of versions. Additional features include support for up to 3 levels of versions and version branching.

Release Details

Transact Manager 17.10.11 is a maintenance branch release containing bug fixes only.  The 17.10.11 release contains security enhancements all customers with earlier Transact Manager 17.10.x versions should upgrade to this version.


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