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Version Date Released
19.11.0 13th December 2019

What's New in 19.11

Two new packages have been released for v19.11.0 as well as two major updates to existing packages. We are also excited to release Exchange Framework (TIF) v1.5.0 with the following key features:

A standard integration fluent function base class

This base class provides the most commonly used code for a typical integration fluent function. The code pattern in this class has passed hundreds of regression test cases providing a reliable foundation that saves you time and lets you focus on your specific project code.

A powerful standard response processor out of the box

Previously, you needed to create a response processor subclass and write code to process the raw response field by field, and generate Server VO and Client VO manually.  From Exchange Framework v1.4.0, we started to provide simple annotation to let a response processor inject certain values from the raw response into the Server VO automatically.

Exchange Framework v1.5.0 takes this further with additional auto response processing capability, providing a fully working response processor out of the box that saves time parsing the response manually.

Exchange Framework v1.5.0 dramatically reduces the code required to create your main fluent function and to parse raw responses. We strongly encourage everyone to upgrade and start using Exchange Framework v1.5.0 to build your next powerful integration.

Package Features More information

New packages



AuthenticID provides automated real-time identity authentication and decisioning on mobile devices.

AuthenticID provides auto-fill identity information from an ID document, forensic authentication of government-issued ID documents for 192 countries, biometric enrollment to bind various biometrics to an authenticated identity for continual authenticated login use cases, advanced patent-pending digital tamper detection and liveness detection to prevent selfie spoofing, and market-leading face recognition selfie match against identification document photo.

This new package provides pre-packaged integration with AuthenticID's services.

AuthenticID TAF

Worldpay's Express is a highly secure, scalable, and reliable payment processing platform providing low cost and high-speed transaction processing for merchants.

This new package provides pre-packaged integration with Worldpay’s Express payment platform to support Cards and ACH payments.

Worldpay TAF
Major updates
Mitek Tiden

Mitek Tiden allows users to prefill forms by taking a photo of a Driver's License or Passport.

The package has been updated to include two new components, Mitek Tiden Documents and Mitek Dialog, to improve UI and support the new passport verification functionality.

Yodlee TAF

Yodlee offers a quick and safe way to manage account verification, authentication and retrieve bank account details in real time using Yodlee services. 

The package has been updated to support form action in the Narrator.

yodlee TAF
Framework updates
Exchange Framework We have upgraded our Exchange Framework so it’s easier for developers to build integrations with 3rd party services in a standardised, scalable manner, to reduce the ongoing costs of upgrades and maintenance. This v1.5.0 release includes a new standard integration fluent function base class and a powerful standard response processor out of the box. We strongly encourage everyone to upgrade and start using Exchange Framework v1.5.0 to build your next powerful integration. Exchange Framework 1.5.0
Security hardening Security has also been hardened in the Exchange browser for 19.11.




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