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All Journey Manager exams are managed and administrated by Kryterion Global Testing Solutions. Kryterion provides live, online, proctored exams. This means that you can take any Journey Manager exam anywhere in the world as long as you have a reasonable internet connection and meet the hardware and software requirements.

DocuSign API calls using legacy username/password authentication will fail worldwide from March 2023

To continue calling DocuSign APIs after this date, you must login to your DocuSign account as an administrator and make changes to enable OAuth in your Integration Apps. You must then grant one-time consent to allow ongoing OAuth authentication for your DocuSign API user. You can continue to use your existing API user once you grant this consent to them.

The Knowledge team is proud to announce that they have recently launched a new and improved Search Function.  Users now have much better control when searching for a topic which also results in better results.  In addition, Searches now analyse  data across all content within the website (announcements, documentation, API docs, articles, etc).  This results in a much more powerful search function which provides better results.


Welcome to our collection of Partner only articles! Our intention is to provide support and knowledge to our Partners in an easy to navigate section. Each article contains information that is restricted to the Partner audience, and is not intended for public access.

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