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Journey Manager Learning

This page is a summary of all our Journey Manager learning resources. You can easily find multiple learning experiences to suit your preference, such as individual video tutorials, self-paced structured online learning, instructor-led classroom training courses, and proctored certification exams.

Documentation and Videos

The Temenos Journey Manager website offers an extensive collection of written and video presented content.  The following table outlines what is available in our product documentation and video library sections of the website.  

Developers might be especially interested in the Journey Manager technical documentation available from the API section of the website. 

Documentation Video Library
Journey Manager Overview Journey Manager Videos - Overview
Journey Maestro for Form Builders (Front End) Maestro

Videos - Maestro  

Journey Manager for Platform Developers (Back End) Manager Videos - Manager
Journey Analytics Analytics

Videos - Analytics 

Journey Exchange Exchange

Videos - Exchange  

Journey Workspaces Workspaces

Videos - Workspaces  

Journey Manager Operations Manager ---

Video Library 

If you are looking for a high level introduction to Temenos Journey Manager, without any specific learning structure, look through the Overview section in our Video Library. It can be found under Resources > Videos and contains introductory videos for all products within Temenos Journey Manager.

If you are looking for more detailed topics within Journey Manager, look through the general listing of videos. Watch the videos that interest you and expand your Journey Manager knowledge.

Learning Resources Summary

The following table outlines the various learning resources available per Journey module.

Online eLearning

Learn at your own pace using the Learn section of the website. There are a number of online eLearning courses available that contain topics spread across the whole Temenos Journey Manager platform. There are also exercises throughout the courses, and sandbox environments that allow you to practice your new skills.

The following courses are currently available from the Learn section. If you cannot see this section simply send us a message to request access.


Maestro is the Form Development Environment of Journey Manager, purpose-built for the design of financial customer journeys. Maestro facilitates agile team development and fosters collaboration between Business and IT through an end-to-end development workflow.

The following online Maestro courses are available from the Learn section. Click the course name to see the modules covered.


Manager is the heart of Journey Manager. It is a System of Engagement, purpose-built to manage the end user experience for account opening, onboarding and account servicing, and submit a complete application package to the back office systems of record.

The following online Manager courses are available from the Learn section. Click the course name to see the modules covered. 


Analytics (formerly known as Insights) is a behavioral analytics system, focused on identifying abandonment hotspots and enabling data-driven decisions for continuous optimization.

The following online Analytics courses are available from the Learn section. Click the course name to see the modules covered.

Instructor-Led Training


We highly recommend the instructor-led training courses that are offered in face-to-face classrooms or remotely. If you require a thorough understanding of the Temenos Journey Manager platform, we strongly suggest organising classroom training. To book a classroom course contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or contact your Customer Success Manager. 

Course Duration Audience Prerequisites

Journey Analytics 19.05 Overview

2 Hours A Customer’s Business Analyst, Temenos CX and Form Developers

Journey Manager Overview

1.5-2 Hours All Journey Manager users

Journey Manager 18.11 Delta

1-2 Hours

Form Builders and Transact Platform Developers

Transact Manager 18.05 Delta

1-2 Hours Form Builders, Transact Manager Developers and Solution Architects

Journey Manager for Form Builders

2 Days Form Builders, Journey Manager Developers, and Solution Architects

Journey Manager for Platform Developers

2 Days Journey Manager Developers and Solution Architects

Journey Manager Operations SaaS

0.5 Day Support, Administrator, System Manager, Application Tester


Journey Manager certification is a professional accreditation that Temenos offers to its employees, partners, and clients who demonstrate proficiency in basic and advanced topics relating to developing forms and applications using Journey Manager

All Journey Manager exams are managed and administrated by Kryterion Global Testing Solutions. Kryterion provides live, online, proctored exams. This means that you can take any Temenos Journey Manager exam anywhere in the world as long as you have a reasonable internet connection and meet the hardware and software requirements. For more information see Temenos Journey Manager Certification FAQ.

Journey Manager Qualified Front End Builder

Journey Manager Qualified Platform Developer

Journey Manager Operations



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