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Version Date Released
19.05.0 18th June 2019

What's New in 19.05

Three new TAF packages have been released for v19.05, as well as three major updates and two minor updates to existing packages.

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New packages


Iovation TAF

Iovation is a Global Fraud Prevention Service that uses device-based intelligence to identify devices and people you can trust … and those you can’t.

new version of the package has been created to support two new products Fraud Force and Sure Score.

It also has TAF (Transact Application Framework) and Maven support, and comes with built-in features including: Multiple triggers, Max attempts control and built-in Journey Analytics Milestones and Segmentation.

Iovation TAF v1.1

Plaid TAF

Plaid authenticates Bank accounts for ACH (Automated Clearing House) and EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer) payments from any bank or credit union in the U.S. or Canada.

new version of the package has been created to support TAF. It also lets you choose which account types you want to store, added language support and built-in Journey Analytics Milestones and Segmentation.

Plaid TAF v1.0

Yodlee TAF

Yodlee offers a quick and safe way to manage account verification and authentication in real time.

new version of the package has been created to support TAF. It also includes an update of the Yodlee API, a new FastLink UI, that supports challenge deposit validation and built-in Journey Analytics Milestones and Segmentation.

yodlee TAF v1.1

Major updates


Equifax IDMatrix

Equifax IDMatrix can verify the identity of Australian individuals in real time.

The package has been updated to include bug fixes and enhanced UX support.

equifax.idmatrix v1.5

Mitek Tiden 

Mitek - Tiden comprises two main products. Prefill that lets you use your driver license to retrieve ALL the license data, and Mobile Verify, which can verify a license is real and authentic.

The package has been updated with two major enhancements.

The first lets you enable (or disable) the ability for users to edit the license details retrieved by Prefill.

And the second enabled Mobile Verify to perform a face comparison. Users can now take a selfie and compare that to their license photo to rate how likely the two images show the same person.

mitek.tiden v1.8

The package enables clients to integrate with the Australian Government to perform dynamic lookups of Australian businesses and Superannuation Funds.

The enhanced business lookup now has an upgraded API that returns only ‘active’ businesses. Previously the lookup returned both ‘active’ and ‘inactive’ businesses but now only ‘active’ businesses are returned.

Other updates also include bug fixes. v1.2

Minor updates

The Recaptcha package has been enhanced to avoid extra testing when progressing to a more advanced environment (test,stage,prod), without the need to re-build the application.

Google ReCaptcha v1.1

The Google.maps package has been enhanced to support multiple instances in single form, including within a repeat.

google.maps v1.6

Additional updates

Exchange Framework Upgrade

We’ve upgraded our Exchange Framework so it’s easier for developers to build integrations with 3rd party services in a standardised, scalable manner, to reduce the ongoing costs of upgrades and maintenance.

Regression Suites New Regression Suites have been built for every package in the release, which includes API and UI test cases designed to improve supportability.




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