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Version Date Released Features & Enhancements Resolved Issues Downloads
23.10.2 10 Mar 2024
23.10.0 21 December 2023


Journey Workspaces 23.10 is now generally available. This release includes many exciting new Workspaces features and enhancements, a brand new Journey Applicants app, and a redesigned Journey Brokers app. Highlights include:

  • An on-screen configuration editor.
  • A List screen table that can display applications with associated tasks.
  • A new feature to share a Details screen.
  • Refinements to the SLA feature.
  • In-app display of common attachment types.
  • Custom card improvements.
  • UI/UX improvements to the Journey Applicants application, making it easier to use.

We're excited to introduce the new Journey Brokers app: a web application for authenticated non-bank users, such as brokers, who create and manage the onboarding application journey for their clients.

For a full list of new features and improvements, see What's new in this release? below.


Journey Workspaces applications require an environment running Journey Manager.

  • Journey Workspaces: Journey Manager 23.10 or higher
  • Journey Applicants: Journey Manager 23.10 or higher
  • Journey Brokers: Journey Manager 23.10 or higher

The Journey Workspaces 23.10 application is deployed as an Open UX form using the command-line interface tool. When upgrading from Workspaces 20.05 or a later release, only minor changes to your existing configuration are required. However, if you're upgrading from an older release then you first need to migrate your configuration to work with the latest Open UX version of Workspaces. To learn more about what's required, see the Workspaces migration guide for this release and any earlier Workspaces release after the one you're upgrading from.

What is Journey Workspaces?

Journey Workspaces is a review and approval portal for bank staff, designed to support resolution and customer service activities for account opening and customer onboarding.

Journey Applicants is an authenticated portal for applicants, aimed at providing a secure way for performing any follow-up actions as part of the application process, and for keeping track of application progress.

Journey Brokers is a new app targeted at non-bank users, like brokers, who work for their clients to onboard them to a financial institution. Journey Brokers provides all the features these users need to create and manage applications on behalf of their clients.

Workspaces enhances the bank customer experience and improves banking staff productivity by increasing the efficiency and accuracy of the application review process, often a source of onboarding delays and customer dissatisfaction.

Journey Workspaces, Journey Applicants, and Journey Brokers form an integral module of the Journey Manager platform, designed to create outstanding banking customer acquisition and onboarding journeys. Journey Applicants and Journey Brokers target new audiences, providing them access to the application journey.


The Journey Applicants app introduced in the 22.04 release is now called Journey Brokers. Journey Brokers is a self-service portal allowing authenticated non-bank users to manage application creation, handle follow-up requests, and keep track of application progress.

Who is Workspaces for?



Processing Staff

Review capabilities for pending applications that need manual action.



Helpdesk Staff

Allow support staff to find applications quickly and easily when responding to inquiries.



Assisted Channel Staff

Assisted channel staff can kick-start the application process and track application progress.



Managers / Supervisors

Task management capabilities for managers.



Authenticated Applicants

An authenticated portal for applicants to manage applications and follow-up requests, and track application progress.



Brokers and similar non-bank users

An authenticated portal for non-bank users (like brokers) to manage application creation, perform follow-up actions, and keep track of application progress.

What's new in this release?

The Workspaces 23.10 release includes several new features and improvements.


Dynamic branding

Enhancements to the dynamic branding now allow themes to be applied based on an organization property or the user’s profile. Branding applied this way takes effect across the app including forms (if they support branding) that are rendered within the app.


On-screen configuration editor

Enhancements to the Configuration editor now allow app configuration to be updated at run time. An experimental GUI editor is available as an option for less technical users.


SLA feature enhancements

An enhanced SLA feature now supports fine-grained configuration of SLA definition and color coding based on business rules.


Sharing an application URL

The new Share action generates a unique URL for the current Details page and copies it to the clipboard for sharing with other users.


In-app display of attachments

Common attachment file types, such as images and PDFs, are now rendered natively within the app.

Supported file types: jpg, jpeg, png, gif, pdf, xml, json, html.


Callback for actions

Workspaces actions now support triggering an external call-back function to perform additional actions; for example, sending an email when a task is assigned to a user.


Applications with sub-tasks view

Each space definition now supports job as the source for listing applications on a List screen. The expanded table row now supports a tree view display of applications with sub-tasks.


Custom card enhancements

All types of custom cards, including table and table extended, are now fully responsive for smaller screens such as mobile phones.


Mobile responsive design

Most of the features in Workspaces, Applicants and Brokers are fully responsive for small screen layouts in both portrait and landscape orientations. Exceptions include the bulk action and table row expansion features.


Accessibility improvements

Numerous accessibility improvements have been made for the Journey Applicants application.


SMS- and email-based authentication for applicants

A reference implementation is available as a proof of concept for a password-less authentication with SMS / Email in Journey Applicants.


Co-browsing in Journey Applicants

An experimental co-browsing feature is available as an option from Journey Applicants using Unblu integration (third-party service provider).

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