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This version is now End of Life.
Version Date Released Features and Enhancements Resolved Issues Downloads
20.05.1 30 Aug 2021
20.05.0 26 June 2020


Journey Workspaces 20.05.0 is now generally available. This new Workspaces release, which is intended to be compatible with Journey Manager (JM) 19.05 or higher, utilizes powerful new REST APIs from the compatible Journey Manager platform releases.

This release includes many new features and enhancements such as an improved deployment process that supports integration with your CI/CD processes, task-specific actions that help you to be sure you’re acting on the right task, a new focussed search feature that makes searching on specific application data more efficient, and many more minor enhancements based on client services feedback.

Getting Started


An environment running Journey Manager 19.05 or higher.


The Journey Workspaces 20.05 application is deployed as an Open UX form using a command-line interface tool. For details, see Deploy and configure Workspaces.

Migration from 19.11

There are some minor changes to the structure of the configuration which require care to be taken while migrating from Workspaces 19.05 or 19.11. For details, refer to the Workspaces 19.11 to 20.05 migration guide.

What is Journey Workspaces?

Journey Workspaces is a review and approval portal for banking staff, designed to support resolution and customer service activities for account opening and onboarding.

Workspaces enhances the bank customer experience and improves banking staff productivity by increasing efficiency and accuracy of the application review process, often a source of onboarding delays and customer dissatisfaction.

Journey Workspaces is an integral module of the Journey Manager platform, designed to create outstanding banking customer acquisition and onboarding journeys.

Who are the Targeted Users?

Workspaces 20.05.0 provides features for several user types or personas.


Processing Staff

Workspaces offers review capabilities for pending applications that need manual action


Helpdesk Staff

Workspaces allows support staff to find applications quickly and easily when responding to einquiries


Assisted Channel Staff

Workspaces allows assisted channel staff to kick start the application process and track application progress


Managers / Supervisors

Workspaces provides tasks management capabilities for managers

What's New?

The Workspaces 20.05 release includes several new features and improvements.

Improved build and deployment process

An improved build and deployment process for Workspaces that supports seamless integration to your dev-ops practices such as CI/CD

Task-specific actions

Task-specific actions are presented alongside each task in an application to give you confidence you are acting on the right task

Focused search

A new focused search option that lets you search on a specific application data item and get results faster

Improved UI / UX

A fresh new user interface for an improved user experience

Improved custom card configurations

Improved custom card configuration including permission control and an option to hide empty/null data

Improved session logout

Automatic session logout after a defined period of inactivity

Date picker enhancements

Enhancements to the date picker to support single date selection and custom date formats

Enhanced search/filter behavior

New search/filter behaviour on the List pages: the latest search/filter is retained in each space until cleared or the session ends

Enhanced application assignment

The assignee full name is displayed when assigning a task to a user

Enhanced application listing

An enhanced view configuration extending control over line wrapping in data tables

Enhanced documents panel

Attachment name is now included for each item in the Documents panel

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