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This version is now End of Life.
Version Date Released Features and Enhancements Resolved Issues Downloads
19.05.9 4 May 2020
19.05.8 27 Mar 2020
19.05.7 17 Mar 2020
19.05.6 4 Feb 2020
19.05.5 20 Dec 2019
19.05.4 26 Nov 2019
19.05.3 21 Oct 2019
19.05.2 27 Sep 2019
19.05.1 31 July 2019
19.05.0 12 July 2019


Journey Workspaces v19.05.0 is now generally available. This new Workspaces release utilizes powerful new REST APIs from the Journey Manager v19.05 platform.

This release includes new features targeted at processing agents, helpdesk agents, assisted channel staff and group managers such as role-based access control, task management, application kick-start and many other enhancements to the Workspaces v18.11 release. You can view the Workspaces v19.05 Upgrade video to learn about the new and improved features in this release.

Pre-requisite – Environment running Journey Manager v19.05

What is Journey Workspaces?

Journey Workspaces is a review and approval portal for banking staff, designed to support resolution and customer service activities for account opening and on-boarding.

Workspaces enhances the bank customer experience and improves banking staff productivity by increasing efficiency and accuracy of the application review process, often a source of on-boarding delays and customer dissatisfaction.

Journey Workspaces is an integral module of the Journey Manager platform, designed to create outstanding banking customer acquisition and on-boarding journeys.

Technical documentation for the Workspaces v19.05 release is available, with an updated user guide available soon.

Who are the Targeted Users?

Workspaces v19.05.0 provides features for several user types or personas.


Processing Staff

Workspaces offers review capabilities for pending applications that need manual action


Helpdesk Staff

Workspaces allows support staff to find any application that needs further assistance quickly and easily


Assisted Channel Staff

Workspaces allows assisted channel staff to kick start the application process and track application progress


Managers / Supervisors

Workspaces provides tasks management capabilities for managers

What's New?

The Workspaces v19.05 release includes a number of key new features and improvements.


Role based spaces

An improved interface for viewing applications with multiple applicants and products

Task management

Enhancements to the supported actions that now offers custom actions and permission control

Kickstart applications

The ability to withdraw a saved application from Workspaces

Key Info card

The ability to recover an abandoned application from Workspaces
whatsnew-1911-1 Multi applicant support Detailed console reporting of configuration errors that eases the effort required by solution builders to debug configuration issues
whatsnew-6 Application Timeline The ability to add a visual indicator in the application listing screen to keep track of crucial service indicators like application SLA
2275 Documents card An enhanced documents card interface and configuration that supports options to include / exclude certain documents using pattern matching
0083 Templates Improved out-of-the-box templates for processing staff, helpdesk staff, assisted channel staff and manager personas

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