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Website tips

Welcome to our collection of website tips! Each article available in this section gives you tips on how to accomplish simple tasks within the website, such as subscribing to announcements or release notes, asking a question on the Q&A, or updating your notifications settings.

Website Tips

The purpose of the Temenos Journey Manager platform (TJM) Q&A forum is for all clients and partners to seek help from the greater Journey Platform user base.

Website Tips

One of the most important tools in the Journey Platform website is the Search function. The Journey Platform website's public content is periodically indexed, so you can search it using the built-in search functionality (we use Algolia) or Google.

Website Tips

An effective way to ensure you don’t miss any newly published content on the Journey Platform website is by Subscribing to specific content.  This feature is available in: Q&AArticles, Release Notes or Exchange Packages.

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