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This version is now End of Life.
Version Date Released Features & Enhancements Resolved Issues
20.05.2 6 October 2020  
20.05.1 16 June 2020  
20.05.0 9th June 2020

What's New in 20.05

Journey Analytics 20.05 is a major release of Analytics that introduces some significant new features and improves some existing functionality.

Journey Analytics integration for Kony Visualiser web apps

Analytics events are now able to be captured and stored via Journey Analytics. The integration supports all standard JA event types such as form/section/field navigations, completions, abandonments, etc. While still early stages, this is an important milestone as we will be integrating additonal types of applications in the future. Currently, JA support is in place for Composer, Maestro, Open UX, and as of 20.05, Kony web apps.

UX and Design Improvements

Help text and definitions have been overhauled both within the application and for external documentation resources. Improvements are considerable and include information for both the User Journey and Field Analysis views.

For the Field Analysis view, additional help tooltips were introduced to clarify metrics, as well as improvements to the way section-level stats are displayed.

Other design changes were driven by direct client feedback and relate to styling consistency (as with AB Testing resize styles), additional rate information for the Section Summary AB Testing report, and changes to the order and selection highlighting for navigation menu items. Notably, chart styling and colors were realigned to ensure better consistency across the app.

Springboard Out-of-the-Box Journey Analytics Support

The team verified the usage of built-in analytics as leveraged by Springboard solutions. This was done to help improve the out-of-the-box experience for analytics for customers using Springboard DAO.

Milestone Funnel report

A new report was introduced to the AB Testing view. Use this report to understand how milestones are encountered across one or more applications. The chart is a bar chart where each bar represents the number of milestone transactions.

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