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This version is now End of Life.
Version Date Released Features and Enhancements Resolved Issues Downloads
19.11.12 6 September 2022
19.11.11 14 June 2022
19.11.10 7 December 2021
19.11.9 27 September 2021
19.11.8 06 July 2021
19.11.7 23rd March 2021
19.11.6 27th Jan 2021
19.11.5 11th Jan 2021
19.11.4 13th September 2020
19.11.3 31st May 2020
19.11.2 3rd February 2020
19.11.1 6th January 2020
19.11.0 13th December 2019

Journey Maestro 19.11.0 is a major release of Maestro that introduces a number of new features.


For more information, refer to the Journey Maestro Documentation.

Note that the 19.11.1 will be the first version released to Production. This includes more Security Hardening changes

What's New

Shared Components Improvements

The main theme of this Maestro release was to improve developer productivity. One of the key areas of feedback we addressed was to assist developers in better understanding the inheritance order of components and properties. The new features and panels introduced will assist developers to determine the source of components and their properties and allow them to easily identify impacts when changes are being made. We have also introduced the ability to revert properties back to their original base definition.

Added Features include:

  • Component Inheritance Screen –  shows a component's order of inheritance and source details
  • Component Properties Screen - shows the properties and their source for this component.
  • Display Child components at any level. This displays their source and allows you to revert overrides.
  • Allow revert of Local overrides from properties panel or properties display

Security Hardening

For the 19.11 release, the Maestro product underwent rigorous pen-testing and other security related testing. We have undergone a security hardening exercise and have implemented these features in the product.

Release Details


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