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Version Date Released Features & Enhancements Resolved Issues Downloads
22.10.1 10 January 2023
22.10.0 16 November 2022

What's New

New navigation menu and branding

The menu for navigating between views has been hidden under a "hamburger" style menu button in the top left of the user interface. This means more screen real estate can be used for displaying data and making the layout and menu more usable on smaller screens and devices. The main banner at the top of the screen has been redesigned to align with other Journey Manager products and the new Temenos branding.

Scope Selector sorting options

The scope selector has been enhanced to include more sorting options to allow users to easily find the forms and versions needed. Users can now sort using Form Code and Last Updated which is the last updated form version in Journey Manager. All sorting options also have ascending and descending sorting directions.

Caching times reduced

Caching of server requests has been reduced from 6 hours to 2 hours to improve the potential wait times required to see new data come through from user transactions, especially on new forms and form versions.

Legacy Dashboard deprecation notification

A popup notification now appears on the Legacy Dashboard application to notify users that this application will soon be deprecated in favour of Journey Analytics Visualiser.

Dashboard tooltips adjusted for "Today" period

Dashboard tooltips have been updated to correctly state that the data for "Today" is being compared with the "previous day" data.

Technical debt

We have continued to improve the overall performance and security of Journey Analytics with a number of upgrades and enhancements to the underlying infrastructure on which it is built.

What's Fixed

This release also fixes the following issues:

  • Completion History and Timeline - ensure these views respect changes in timezone and adjust results displayed.
  • Custom Queries - primarily used for Custom Reports requests, are no longer cancelled on page load if not the first Custom request sent.
  • User Journey - when no edge data available return no results.
  • Dropoff view - horizontal scrolling reimplemented and handling of very large averageTimeMs or medianTimeMs values.
  • Custom Reports Best, Worst, Avg. - displays correct error when no data returned.

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