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What's New in 24.04

We are pleased to announce our latest 24.04 release of Journey Maestro is ready for you to download!

Version Date Released Features & Enhancements Resolved Issues Downloads
24.04.0 31 May 2024

Key Features

Here is a list of the key features we've introduced or enhanced. To learn more about each feature, click a documentation link or read the Features and Enhancements section below.

Structure Tree Usability Enhancements
We've enabled searching for a field ID in the View pane while showing labels.
Initialize Event Hook
We've added a new component - Initialize Event Hook - with one-off create event that runs the onCreate rule when the object is created. Depending on where you drop this component on the form it will potentially run more times.
Additional Notification
We've added support to the Login pages' info panel to show to users the Maestro's upgrade dates.
We've introduced a new component - Configurable Text Input, which you can use as a replacement for Text Field component with text filtering enabled, thus preventing the input of invalid characters.

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