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The Journey Exchange is a catalog of pre-integrated third-party Maestro FinTech services used to extend the power of the Temenos Journey Manager platform.

With over 40 packaged Exchange services focused on the user onboarding experience, the Journey Exchange makes it faster and simpler for banks to acquire customers over digital channels, by simplifying the integration of these services, such as identity validation and electronic signature, among many others.

The Journey Exchange also provides a strong security model by managing access to the third-party services on the Journey Manager platform. The Maestro package integrations have been completed, tested and delivered for financial projects already, eliminating the development time it would take to build them independently. We also have built-in retry and fail capabilities, which save money by eliminating unnecessary calls to these services.


Clients must ensure they are appropriately licensed in order to use these Exchange packages. Organisations who wish to use these packages are required to establish a commercial relationship with the service providers directly.


The following Journey Exchange packages and updates are on our roadmap:

  • New Prove package
  • New Alloy package
  • Google Places update
  • TJM Salesforce Connector Relaunch (TJSF)
  • Fluent conversion of all Exchange packages

Published and available

Use the region tabs to identify the Exchange packages suitable for your region.


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