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This version is now End of Life.
Version Date Released Features and Enhancements Resolved Issues Downloads 
4.5.0 April 28, 2018
4.4.1 May 28, 2017
4.4.0 October 17, 2016
4.3.2 June 5, 2016
4.3 SP4 August 26, 2016
4.3 SP3 June 24, 2016
4.3 SP2 May 3, 2016
4.3.1 and v4.3 SP1 March 4, 2016
4.3.0 October 30, 2015


Composer 4.5 Data release is a Major release containing both features and bug fixes. It is being release along with the 4.5.1 code release version of Composer.

Clients will need to upgrade their Organizations to 4.5 to obtain the changes in the data release.

New Enhancements

The following table contains a detailed list of the enhancements in Composer 4.5 SP1.

Key Summary Description
TPD-6631 Add button to copy xml to clipboard to Maguire Show XML Dialog Usually when invoking the Maguire Show XML Dialog, you are doing so inorder to get the XML data. Currently this is implemented as a rich text which makes it hard to select and copy the XML to the clipboard. Reimplement as a text area and add a button to copy the xml to the clipboard
TPD-6569 Remove deprecated (ie old bizpack) widgets from release as they now come from bizpack Remove the old deprecated versions of the widgets that were moved to the bizpacks. this will reduce the registry memory size a bit
TPD-6560 Need way to set smart scroll policy for autosuggest widget Currently the autosuggest widget enforces a smart scroll policy of 'top' in order to work correctly on some ios devices that dont resize viewport when showing keypads. Some customers have requested the ability to change this behaviour.
TPD-6555 Add ability to auto filter test data for auto suggest widget The auto suggest widget currently allows you to set a fixed json object of test data which is always returned no matter what you type. It would be nice to be able to only return the subset of this which matches the current user input.
TPD-6554 Add ability to mock delays with test data calls Sometimes when using test data it useful to be able to simulate the delay of a remote call instead of having the test data returned immediately
TPD-6057 Add ability to keep section headers with content on receipts Often it is desirable to keep a section header on the same page as a number of the children of the sections content area when producing a receipt. Currently this is not possible as the only common ancestor is the section itself. To enable this capability some number of children of the content area (usually 1) need to be co-located within a common parent with the section header and styles to avoid page breaks.

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