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What's New in 23.04

We are pleased to announce our latest 23.04 release of Journey Manager  is ready for you to download! It includes new and enhanced features, security improvements and updated libraries, plus bug fixes. Read on to find out more!

Version Date Released Features & Enhancements Resolved Issues Downloads
23.04.3 31 May 2024
23.04.2 2 November 2023
23.04.1 2 August 2023
23.04.0 16 June 2023

Key Features

Here is a list of the key features we've introduced or enhanced. To learn more about each feature, click a documentation link or read the Features and Enhancements section below.

  • Configuration Service: In this release, we've introduced a new functionality that allows you to quickly and easily reconfigure solutions from a single point. A configuration file can be uploaded to JM containing parameter values to be set. These are uploaded as a JSON file with a flat structure defining properties as name / value pairs. Currently the configuration service only covers a limited number of areas in JM, future releases will cover additional areas. For more information, see Configuration Service
  • Database Integrity Checker: We've added the Database Integrity Checker service and scheduled jobs to validate database integrity periodically. This service will generate a report for any issues in the TJM database that need to be addressed.
  • New Database Integrity Checker Event Type and Configuration Service Event Type: We've introduced 2 new event types in Event Log
  • Major Library Updates: Along with the normal library updates to address security vulnerabilities 23.04 contains some updates to major core technologies:

    • WildFly: Updated to 28.0.1
    • Open JDK: Updated to jdk-
  • Change to Jakarta EE 10 : As part of the WildFly update we've replaced Java EE with Jakarta EE. This is a requirement for WildFly, and will affect all groovy services within TJM for customers upgrading. For more information, see Migrate to Jakarta EE
    • Jakarta Migration Support: In order to support our customers upgrading, TJM we've created a Jakarta Transformer service allowing you to convert Groovy services and security managers to be Jakarta EE 10 compatible. This service comes pre-installed with Journey Manager 23.04. We have also enhanced our SDK documentation with strategies for migration of services. 

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