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This version is now End of Life.
Version Date Released Features & Enhancements Resolved Issues Downloads
4.3.7 February 8, 2017
4.3.6 November 18, 2016
4.3.5 November 4, 2016
4.3.4 July 28, 2016
4.3.2 March 23, 2016
4.3.1 February 11, 2016
4.3.0 November 25, 2015


Date: 26 November 2015 (Generally Available)

Transact Manager 4.3.0 is a full release that contains new features, enhancements and bug fixes.

Significant New Features in 4.3

This is a significant feature release for Avoka Transact with great new capabilities to accelerate business agility and improvements across the board.

Highlights of this version include:

Application Packages

Added support for bundle form chaining, Groovy scriptable receipts, dynamic task assignment, cancellable tasks, pub/sub data extract sharing, unified navigation support.


Added support for AWS Key Management System (KMS) data encryption in the Avoka Transact Cloud Service Enterprise VDC edition.

Groovy Service Tests

Added comprehensive Groovy Services test framework to support accelerated development and development best practices.


Added Transactions, Service Definitions and Groovy Service Invoke REST APIs.

Security Hardening

Added security role and group grant leases, improved SEM logging support and Apache Mod Security configurations.

Service Improvements

Added Form Security Filter, Groovy Receipt service types, service versioning support, Groovy Service Logging, improved documentation, service editing and form and service definition Organisation Application Packages.

Transact Integration Gateway

Provides a light weight on-prem. integration module for performing deliveries and proxy calls to internal systems. This module is replacing the TIA and TDA modules.

Release Details


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