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Version Date Released Features & Enhancements Resolved Issues Downloads
23.10.0 22 Feb 2023

What's New

Segment Whitelist Config Upload/Download

Users can now keep track of Segment Whitelist configuration using the new file upload support. This file can be included in your solution under version control now! It's recommended to start by downloading a copy of your existing Segment Whitelist entries. In the future, you can simply upload the file and then Apply to set new whitelist entries based on the uploaded. 

On downloading, the new configuration file is called segment-whitelist.yaml and uses the following format:

- segmentName: Customer Type
segmentType: DISCRETE
- Existing Customer
- Prospect
- segmentName: Product Code
segmentType: RANGE
- 1
- 6

The example downloaded configuration shows two whitelist entries:

  1. A discrete Segment Type called "Customer Type" which allows storing the following values:
    • Existing Customer
    • Prospect
  2. A range Segment Type called "Product Code" which allows storing numbers 1 through 6.

Benchmarks Scoping

Determined the strategy and gathered final feedback for developing benchmarks. With benchmarks within Timeline view, customers are able to gauge their performance as compared to relevant metrics from other customers.

Scope Selector - Search by Org

As part of our Journey Manager SaaS-support work to assist with shared instance management, multi-organization users can now search by Organization name using the search box in the Scope Selector.

What's Fixed

Provisioning: Fix and Extend Automation

We resolved some intermittent issues occurring when provisioning new customers. In addition, we developed alternative infrastructure to streamline the process and internal work required. We plan to rollout the new process internally in a future release.

Tech Debt

Significant upgrades include upgrading to Java 11 runtime and starting the migration to Node v18 for the front-end. 

Other fixes include:

  • Performance optimizations for analysis of raw data
  • Clarifications to Segment Whitelist interface added for new users
  • @transact-open-ux/analytics republished and renamed to conform to other @transact-open-ux packages
  • Security patches and dependency upgrades

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