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This version is now End of Life.
Version Date Released Features and Enhancements Resolved Issues Downloads
19.05.16 14 June 2022  
19.05.15 7 December 2021  
19.05.14 27 September 2021  
19.05.13 06 July 2021
19.05.12 23rd March 2021
19.05.11 27th January 2021
19.05.10 11th January 2021
19.05.9 13th September 2020
19.05.8 31st May 2020
19.05.7 3rd February 2020
19.05.6 13th December 2019
19.05.5 5th November 2019
19.05.4 11th September 2019
19.05.3 28th August 2019
19.05.2 20th August 2019
19.05.1 13th August 2019
19.05.0 5th July 2019


Journey Maestro 19.05.0 is a major release of Maestro that introduces a number of new features.
For more information, refer to the Journey Maestro Documentation.

What's New

Receipt Designer

Prior to 19.05, Maestro offered two approaches to receipt generation:

  1. Rely on the auto-generated receipt as the cost of flexibility.
  2. Build a more flexible but complex solution via Journey Manager.

With 19.05 though, it's possible to create receipts directly within the Maestro editor. This means you can use the tools you're already familiar with to create receipts that are completely distinct from the forms that generate them. As a result, receipts are both flexible and simple to create.

To learn how to create a custom receipt in Maestro, refer to the Receipt Designer in Maestro.

Offline Builds

By downloading the Maestro command-line tool (CLI), it's now possible to build Maestro forms outside of the browser, via the command line.

This allows developers to:

  • Have more control over their workflow.
  • Reduce the amount of time it takes to build large forms.
  • Integrate the Maestro build process with a CI/CD pipeline.

This feature is currently in beta release. If you want to know more, contact your account manager.

Upgraded AngularJS to 1.7.2

We have upgraded the version of AngularJS that we use from 1.5.9 to 1.7.2. We are not aware of any significant changes caused by this upgrade there is one minor change that we are aware of.

In AngularJS 1.6.0 there was a change that the click event will trigger before the data model is updated and before the change event is triggered. Using a click event on fields that will change when the user clicks on the field will trigger the click event first and then update the data model which triggers the change if it is different and the change rule will have the new value available in the rule. This will impact widgets that have click events and change events that come from the same user action such as:

  • Check boxes.
  • Radio button group.
  • Dropdowns.

Using the click event on fields is generally discouraged as other than checkboxes a click does not indicate any change has happened and with this upgrade it no longer has the correct version.

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