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This version is now End of Life.
Version Date Released Features and Enhancements Resolved Issues Downloads
18.11.6 September 10, 2019      
18.11.5 July 23, 2019
18.11.4 April 26, 2019
18.11.3 March 19, 2019
18.11.2 January 22, 2019
18.11.1 January 22, 2019
18.11.0 January 10, 2019


Journey Workspaces is available as an early access release that utilizes powerful new REST APIs from the Journey Manager 18.11 platform.

This release is targeted at processing agents with features including simplified views to get to the most important information quickly, the ability to filter on details captured in the application process, a summary of critical information for review, the ability to capture notes, and many more.

What is Journey Workspaces?

Journey Workspaces is a review and approval workspace for banking staff, designed to support resolution and customer service for account opening and onboarding.

Workspaces enhances the bank customer experience and improves banking staff productivity by increasing efficiency and accuracy of the application review process, often a source of onboarding delays and customer dissatisfaction.

Journey Workspaces is an integral module of the Temenos Journey Manager platform, built to create outstanding banking customer acquisition and onboarding journeys.

Who is this release for?

This Workspaces early access release is targeted at processing agents and primarily addresses their needs to effectively and efficiently resolve pending applications.

Existing customers should wait for the GA release expected in the 19.05 version. 

Key features

workspaces-icon-view_thumb_780_0Views - A view is a pre-created filter that allows agents to get to the tasks that they must work on quickly.

  • An efficient way to keep track of pending applications that need to be processed.
  • High visibility on the applications that enter and exit task queues.
  • Reduce overall time to find the tasks that need to be processed.


workspaces-icon-filter_thumb_780_0Filters - Views can be further refined to support the needs of processing agents by filtering and/or sorting on specific task list columns.

  • Offers the ability to augment a view's pre-configured criteria.
  • Filtering allows further narrowing down on the search criteria.
  • Can specify multiple filter conditions to hone in on specific applications.


workspaces-icon-applicant_thumb_780_0Applicant Info - Applicant info summarizes the key information about the applicants.

  • A simple summary about the applicants in the application.
  • See key applicant details like name and phone number at a glance.
  • Easily differentiate between applications with a single applicant or joint applicants.


workspaces-icon-bgChecks_thumb_780_0Background checks - Validation results from third-party services can be seamlessly integrated and viewed in Journey Workspaces.

  • Summary of the results from integrated third-party services.
  • Visual indicators that aid in identifying the actions required on pending applications.


workspaces-icon-application_thumb_780_0Application timeline - A simple application timeline with the ability to add and review notes.

  • A streamlined way to track the stages that an application has completed.
  • A space for processing agents to add and review notes about the application.


workspaces-icon-documents_thumb_780_0Attached documents - Add and review the attached documents captured at various application stages.

  • A centralized place for reviewing documents attached to the application at various stages.
  • Attach additional supporting documents while reviewing the application.


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