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Version Date Released Features & Enhancements Resolved Issues Downloads
22.04.1 12 July 2022
22.04.0 8 June 2022

What's New

Dashboard Tooltips

To assist with the understanding of the trending values of each Dashboard component a tooltip has been added to the values. The tooltips describe the displayed values in relation to the currently selected period.

Scope selector displays the form code with each form

To provide greater context and improve the ability of users to correctly identify each form in the scope selector the form code has been added beneath the form name. The form code makes up part of the URL of journey manager forms and is therefore another way to identify the form to users.

Open UX support

Open UX support has been enhanced to provide Open UX applications with full analytics capabilities. A sample project is now available from the Downloads section.

What's Fixed

This release also fixes the following issues:

  • Scope Selector - a tooltip will be available when the form name is too long to be displayed.
  • Scope Selector - if the user has the ability to switch datasets a bug was removed that crashed the app if the scope selector was in a sorted state when switching to a dataset which does not require sorting in the scope selector.
  • Custom Period - ensure when a single day is selected in the period selector that only that day's data is displayed.
  • Security Audit - patches and dependency updates

For detailed notes, please refer to our documentation: Journey Analytics Documentation.

Release Details



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