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This version is now End of Life.
Version Date Released Features & Enhancements Resolved Issues Downloads
20.11.8 16 June 2023
20.11.7 6 September 2022
20.11.6 14 June 2022
20.11.5 13 December 2021
20.11.4 27th September 2021
20.11.3 6th July 2021
20.11.2 23rd March 2021
20.11.1 27th January 2021
20.11.0 11th January 2021


Date: 22 December 2020 (Generally Available)

11 January 2021 (Release Date)

Journey Maestro 20.11 is a major release of Maestro that introduces a number of new features and bug fixes listed below. For more information, see Journey Maestro documentation.

It also includes maintenance versions for 20.05.3, 19.11.5 and 19.05.10

What's New

The Maestro 20.11 release continues the theme of assisting developers to improve productivity, shortening go to market timelines and to provide more information when troubleshooting issues. The highlight of this release is the introduction of shared organization libraries and improving the user experience when working with libraries

Key Features

Shared Organization Libraries

This releases introduces the concept of shared libraries that can be used across multiple organizations. They can even be shared across all organizations in an environment making these libraries global. Once shared, the library can be consumed  by projects within these organizations. From the client's source project, a shared library is similar to a release library with a fine grained control over where this library is shared and used. One of the main advantages of a shared organization library is the centralization of control of a library. Clients can develop a new library in a specific organization, make some changes to it and push the changes to other organizations and projects where the library is used.

For more information, see Shared Organization Library

Library Handling Improvements

Make library handling more intuitive by addressing the following areas:

  • order of precedence after project export/import
  • Include/exclude on creation or import of libraries
  • project library management in one screen

Improve Preview Functionality

There are several ways we have improved the preview functionality within the editor to make it more useful for developers:

  • No minification on preview, this also means that developers can add debugger statements so they can debug scripts effectively without needing to publish the form.
  • Make changing between interactive and receipt views pull the data from the form in the preview, update the Display mode and re-inject the updated form into the preview window.
  • Previewing the receipt PDF will have to minify the code before sending the form back to the server but it can also include the form data which people have complained about.
  • Add support to register remote call test stubs for remote calls so test data can be added to the form for preview.

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