Springboard Solutions

The Temenos Infinity Journey Springboard solution for US Retail and Small Business Deposit Account Opening (Springboard DAO) enables US banks to rapidly deliver an outstanding digital customer acquisition journey using a ready-made solution on an extensible platform that grows with the financial institution.

It is a starting point for customer specific DAO projects, requiring far less development than a typical custom Temenos Infinity Journey project. This is achieved by pre-building many of the typical components required to support US DAO solutions on the Journey platform. Examples of pre-built components include the option of a Product Selector, the Maestro Template and Forms, Transact Functions including third-party integration and a standard Workflow or collaboration job to support manual review and decisioning.

Outstanding Customer Experiences

Springboard DAO offers an exceptional customer experience with industry-leading best practices, proven by top tier world-class banks. Springboard DAO captures the benefit of years of experience delivering best practices for customer acquisition journeys.

Speed and Agility

Get to market faster with acquisition journeys using a pre-built solution that runs on Temenos Infinity. The platform provides agility to respond to future market changes and connect to the latest innovations in the account opening experiences as they emerge.

Integrated Compliance and Risk Solution

The Infinity DAO journey solves the complex challenges of product selection and the deposit account opening process, including Compliance and Risk Management requirements. Through pre-integrated connections to proven FinTech providers, Springboard DAO addresses the critical issues of fraud screening, ID verification, risk mitigation, data pre-fill, and funding.

Omnichannel Experience

Deliver an outstanding customer experience across devices, screen sizes, and channels. Enable customers to start an application in one channel and complete in another. Increase conversions by allowing call center and branch staff to access abandoned applications and follow up to completion.

"Springboard Deposit Account Opening gives financial institutions a digital account opening and onboarding solution prebuilt with best-in-class customer experience and Fintech integration. The integrations with 3rd party Fintech service providers that can qualify and decision applications coupled with an extensible platform provides financial institutions the flexibility to deliver a differentiated customer experience."

Tiffani Montez, Senior Analyst – Aite Group