Jakarta Transformer Scheduled Service

   Journey Manager (JM) The transaction engine for the platform. |   System Manager / DevOps |  23.10 This feature was introduced in 23.10

Manager comes with a Jakarta Transformer scheduled service, which must be executed as a scheduled job several times so it upgrades your existing Groovy services and Security Managers to be compatible with Jakarta EE. This service is designed to process a large number of services with extensive Groovy scripts. It also supports multiple versions of Exchange components by using a new deployment property - Enable transforming javax to jakarta.

Every time the service is run, it scans and updates services and then marks the transformed services by selecting its Jakarta-transformer-checked checkbox to mark it so it won't scan and transform it again during the next run.

To make sure the service transforms all service and security managers scripts in large Journey Manager environments, you must create a custom scheduled job to run the Jakarta Transformer scheduled service. For more information, see Migrate to Jakarta EE.


For Manager 23.04 only, use the Jakarta Transformer service.


The Jakarta Transformer scheduled service is a global service.

To configure the Jakarta Transformer scheduled service:

  1. Select Services > Core Global Services.
  2. Locate the Jakarta Transformer scheduled service and click Edit.
  3. Configure the standard service settings.
  4. Configure the service parameters in the Parameters Edit tab. For explanation of the parameters, see Jakarta Transformer service.
    Manager configure jakarta transformer scheduled service
  5. Update a property name, which is added to services checked for Javax to Jakarta transformation, in the Transformed-property-name field. The default is jakarta-transformer-checked. For more information, see Topics.
  6. Click Save to update the changes.

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