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What's New in 21.05

We are pleased to announce our latest 21.05 release of Journey Maestro is ready for you to download!  It's packed with new features and bug fixes, which you have been waiting for.


Version Date Released Features & Enhancements Resolved Issues Downloads
21.05.5 16 June 2023
21.05.4 6 September 2022
21.05.3 14 June 2022
21.05.2 03 December 2021
 21.05.1  20 September 2021  
 21.05.0  6 July 2021

Key Features

Here is a list of the key features we've introduced or enhanced. To learn more about each feature, click a documentation link or read the Features and Enhancements section below.

Maestro Dashboard

  • To improve the management of users' organizations, projects, forms, form versions, libraries, and resources, we've added ability to select multiple resources and perform the available actions on them, such as delete, export and publish.
  • You, as a form developer, can now delete published projects, forms and form designs from the dashboard as you may not have access to the dashboard on the shared environment.
  • We've introduced the Upload new Resources button to the library resource list so you can easily add a resource to your project.



  • We've updated all required libraries to harden our software security.

Maestro editor

  • We've added the ability to copy and paste a block of content from one form to other. It only works in a Chrome browser or any Chromium including Microsoft Edge.
  • We've added an Icon Picker to the rich text editor for all components, for example, the Dynamic Component Label.
  • We've added support for scrolling through the entire list of Brand options (Branding for Form) to find a required configuration without clicking on each individual entries.
  • We've added a rename entity option in entity tree using right click.

Release Details


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