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Version Date Released Features & Enhancements Resolved Issues Downloads
21.11.2 8 Jan 2024
21.11.1 8 Jun 2022
21.11.0 14 January 2022


Journey Workspaces 21.11.0 is now generally available. This new Workspaces release, which is intended to be compatible with Journey Manager (JM) 20.05 or higher, utilizes powerful new REST APIs from the compatible Journey Manager platform releases.

This release introduces a new configurable Applicant space for authenticated non-bank users, allowing them to create and manage their application journey using a dedicated workspace. Other features and enhancements in this release include distribution of the Applicant space and workspaces templates through product Artifactory, localization improvements, search feature improvements, and support for configuring the Workspaces Key Info section and custom cards using collaboration job properties.


An environment running Journey Manager v20.05 or higher.


The Journey Workspaces 21.11 application is deployed as an Open UX form using the command line interface tool.

The recommended method for obtaining this Workspaces release is via the product Artifactory.

This release is also available to download from the Workspaces 21.11 download area on this website if you're unable to get it from Artifactory.

Upgrade from a previous release

If you are upgrading from Workspaces 20.05, no changes to the configuration are required. However, if you are upgrading from an older Workspaces version, you’ll need to migrate your configuration to work with the latest version of Workspaces. For more information about migrating your Workspaces configuration, refer to the migration guide in the Workspaces technical documentation.

What is Journey Workspaces?

Journey Workspaces is an integral module of the Journey Manager platform, designed to create outstanding banking customer acquisition and onboarding journeys. Workspaces targets two different user types:

  • Bank staff: Workspaces is a review and approval portal designed to support resolution and customer service activities for account opening and onboarding.
  • Authenticated non-bank users: Workspaces is a self-service portal for managing application creation, follow-ups, and keeping track of application progress.

Workspaces enhances the bank customer experience and improves banking staff productivity by increasing efficiency and accuracy of the application review process, often a source of on-boarding delays and customer dissatisfaction.

Who is Workspaces for?



Processing Staff

Workspaces offers review capabilities for pending applications that need manual action



Helpdesk Staff

Workspaces allows support staff to find applications quickly and easily when responding to inquiries



Assisted Channel Staff

Workspaces allows assisted channel staff to kick start the application process and track application progress



Managers / Supervisors

Workspaces provides tasks management capabilities for managers



Authenticated Applicants

Workspaces offers a self-service portal for managing application creation, follow-ups, and keeping track of application progress.

What's new in this release?

The Workspaces v21.11 release includes several new features and improvements.


Improved build and deployment process

An improved build and deployment process for Workspaces is now available from the Product Artifactory


Applicant Space template

A fully configurable workspace for authenticated non-bank users to manage the application journey


Support for Job Properties

Support for configuring the Key Info card and custom cards using the application’s job properties


Localization improvements

Support for switching the language within Workspaces, and other minor enhancements to the localization framework


Search improvements

Configure search to include fields that are not part of the item list data


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