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Version Date Released Downloads
21.5.3 22 December 2021
21.5.2 4 November 2021
21.5.1 14 July 2021
21.5.0 15 June 2021 


Journey SDK 21.05 is now generally available. Changes for this latest release are noted in the corresponding Journey Manager release notes.

Information relating to this release is available in the Journey SDK 21.05 documentation.


You should download the Journey SDK release that matches the version of your target Transact Manager environment. For Journey SDK, Transact SDK, or Transact Fluent SDK releases prior to Journey Manager 19.05, see Journey SDK 18.11, Transact SDK 18.05, Transact SDK 17.10, Transact Fluent SDK 5.1, or Transact Fluent SDK 5.0.


Journey SDK 21.5.0 requires a Journey Manager 19.05 or later server to use all of its features.

Additionally, Journey SDK has the following dependencies.

SDK Setup and IDE Configuration Instructions

The following topics in Journey SDK 21.05 documentation provide instructions to assist you to set up Journey SDK and configure your IDE.

  • Setup Journey SDK
  • Configure Eclipse IDE
  • Configuring IntelliJ IDEA


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