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Version Date Released Features & Enhancements Resolved Issues
21.05.1 30 Sep 2021
21.05.0 25 May 2021

What's New in 21.05

PDF/Print Support

Users can now easily print a PDF via the print button in the top right corner of all applicable views. The Dashboard View, Dropoff View, Field Analysis View, Timeline View and Custom Reports View include this new capability. JA users can now print the page in PDF or hard-copy format and the charts will better align to fit onto the page. An optional title can also be applied when printing the page.

A/B Testing View renamed to Custom Reports View

The A/B Testing View was renamed to “Custom Reports” in Journey Analytics. This new name better reflects the main capability offered by the view: users can add and customize multiple reports about user transactions. Documentation for the name change was also aligned for the pages.

Journey Analytics User Analytics

The JA product team now collect events from JA users to analyze their behavior and understand areas of the app to focus improvements. This new data will help the product team to plan and prioritize feature development.

Integrate JA with idea portal

The existing Help links at top of each view have been improved to include a link to the IDEA portal. Journey Analytics users can login to the portal to provide suggestions and feedback.

Dropoff View - Improve analysis and metric readability

For better understanding of metrics and the components of the view, the tooltips in Dropoff View have been revamped. More detailed information can now be accessed by hovering over the tooltip icons as well as hovering over rates that display throughout the Dropoff View. Dropoff View documentation was also overhauled to help users to understand the meaning of each component more effectively.

Field Analysis view - Improve analysis and metric readability

Similar to the improvements to Dropoff view the tooltips in Field Analysis View have been updated to reveal more detail about each metric displayed. Field Analysis View documentation was also overhauled to empower users to gather insights more effectively.

Introduced new product support for Kony CSS3.0 applications

In addition to Maestro, Composer and Open UX applications, Journey Analytics is now capable of collecting and visualizing user behaviors for Kony CSS 3.0 applications. Kony form developers can access Journey Analytics via Spotlight using single sign-on.

What's Fixed

This release also fixes the following issues

  • Global Filters – Segmentation dropdown values no longer overflow for very long lists.
  • Global Filters – Regions are now grouped by their region code to address a UI issue where multiple chips would display when selecting a Region with common abbreviation

For detailed notes, please refer to our documentation: Journey Analytics Documentation.

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