Management Dashboard

   MaestroThe UI design product.  |   Form BuilderPlatform Developer |   21.05 This feature was updated in 21.05.

Maestro provides you with the Management Dashboard packed with useful features that help you perform day-to day tasks easier and quicker. The Management Dashboard is the home page where you land after a successful login to the Maestro editor.

The dashboard includes the following tabs that group related functionality and the navigation bar.

Welcome Tab

Select the Welcome tab to view the following:

Maestro dashboard welcome screen

Recent Designs

This list displays up to 10 of the most recently viewed designs, for example, a form or component. In order to maintain optimal software performance, Maestro has the total limit of recently opened forms set to 50.

Selecting a design will direct you to the latest Version Details for that design. You can view details about the design by pointing your mouse at the design name. These details include the organization and project where the design is stored, the design name, version number, and the time and date the design was last opened.

Product Information

This list displays links to various online resources where you can get information about Temenos Journey Manager platform products.

Latest Product Videos

This list shows links to various online tutorial videos.

Recent Tab

Select the Recent tab to see your recent projects so you can easily go back and continue working on them.

Click Edit to open a selected design in the Editor window.

Click Show Details to see a selected project's details.

Click Remove from List to remove selected designs from the list.


Use Shift or Ctrl key to select multiple projects.  |  21.05 This feature was introduced in 21.05.

Click Clear List to clear the list completely.

Release Tab

Select the Releases tab to see which releases of Maestro software were installed on your Maestro instance.

Select a particular release to view detailed information on what libraries were changed. This is important for form compatibility and it helps in troubleshooting form issues.

The Navigator pane displays the organizations' structure consisting of projects, libraries, their assets and resources, which is available to you. If you can't see some organizations, it is because they are not assigned to your user account.

Select Home to show or collapse the list of organizations.

Type a name or a part of a name of a project, a form , or a library in the search field to quickly find it in the organizations structure.

Click the refresh icon to reload the Navigator pane content.

Select an organization to view and manager its projects.

Select a project to view and manage its forms and associated resources.

Select Forms to view and manager forms of a project.

Select Components to view and manager components belonging to a project.

Select Templates to view and manager templates used a project.

Select Receipts to view and manager receipts of a project using Receipt Designer. It is a different mode in the Maestro editor that has certain things removed for receipts.

Select Libraries to view and manager libraries and their versions used a project.


Maestro comes with built-in documentation, which are accessible in each development environment, as well as the links to the Temenos Journey Manager documentation web site.

To access Maestro documentation, click the help icon and select one of the following:

  • About Journey Maestro - shows the product information including a version.
  • API Guide - redirects you to the Temenos Journey Manager documentation web site.
  • API Reference - shows the Maestro API reference documentation shipped with this product version. The same documentation may be available on the documentation web site. However, we recommend using the local version of the documentation as it is tailored to your Maestro version.
  • Online Help - redirects you to the Temenos Journey Manager community web site.
  • Keyboard Shortcuts - lists the available keyboard shortcuts for Windows and macOS.
    CutCTRL + XCMD + X
    CopyCTRL + CCMD + C
    PasteCTRL + VCMD + V
    UndoCTRL + ZCMD + Z
    RedoCTRL + YCMD + Y
    PublishCTRL + PCMD + P
    Save FormCTRL + SCMD + S
    Move to Next ItemCTRL + EnterCMD + Return
    Stop Progress / Close DialogESCESC


    You can use Copy and Paste shortcuts across different forms. However, it may depend on each browser's ability to access the system clipboard. For more information, see browser compatibility.

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