Journey Workspaces

As an integral module of the Temenos Journey Manager platform, Journey Workspaces is designed to enable outstanding omnichannel journeys for bank customer acquisition and onboarding. Workspaces enhances the customer experience and improves bank staff productivity by increasing the efficiency and accuracy of application review, often a source of onboarding delays and customer dissatisfaction. Out of the box, Workspaces includes the features you need to help you accomplish these business objectives.

Several Workspaces portals are available, targeted at different audiences: Journey Workspaces, Journey Brokers, and Journey Applicants.

Journey Workspaces is a review and approval portal for authenticated bank staff, supporting resolution and customer service activities for account opening and customer onboarding.

rate_reviewReview: Review capabilities for pending applications that need manual action.

upload_fileDocument Requests: Bank staff can ask an applicant to upload required documents that support their application.

headset_micHelpdesk: Support staff can quickly and easily find any application to provide assistance.

accessibility_newAssisted Channel: Assisted channel staff can kick start the application process and monitor progress.

supervised_user_circleManage: Task management capabilities for managers and supervisors.

Journey Brokers is a self-service portal where authenticated non-bank users can manage applications on behalf of applicants with options to create applications, handle follow-up requests, and keep track of application progress.

Journey Applicants is an authenticated portal for applicants, providing a secure way to monitor application progress and perform any follow-up actions as part of the application process.

Latest release

Up-to-date documentation is available for the latest release.