Journey Maestro

Journey Maestro is the customer experience development environment of the Temenos Journey Manager platform, purpose-built for the design and implementation of financial customer journeys. Maestro facilitates agile team development and fosters collaboration between business and IT through an end-to-end development workflow. Maestro allows teams, working in parallel, to create, visualize, test, and deploy financial customer journeys that run on the Temenos Journey Manager platform.

With Maestro you can create and extend journeys using familiar development tools such as JavaScript, Angular, HTML5, and CSS. Access the latest innovations with pre-built third-party integrations for FinTech services such as data pre-fill, ID verification, document upload, digital signatures and more.

Everything created with Maestro is mobile responsive and can be previewed in formats for phone, tablet, and desktop. A single design runs on all devices, takes the screen size into account, and gives an optimal experience without creating versions for each device. Your customers will enjoy a great experience no matter what device they use.

Rapid Design

  • Build rapid proofs of concept and accelerate the design process.
  • Create new re-usable components, such as native fields, features, and sections, that extend the palette available for journey creation.
  • Conduct design reviews in real-time to ensure compliance with branding and styling guidelines.
  • Develop business and validation rules, and other form-based logic quickly.

Developer Productivity

  • Source Code Management – Use standard SCM development practices and tools to improve quality, while leveraging the extended benefits of the Temenos Journey Manager platform.
  • Code View – Display all fields containing code. Search by keyword or regular expression with case matching options. Use search results to access code quickly and modify it directly from the Code View screen.
  • Language Localization – Add multiple languages to a single application, changing automatically based on user location or preference.

Omni-channel Experience

  • Maestro enables quick, responsive and adaptive design for an omni-channel account opening experience.
  • Visualize your financial customer journey as it appears on multiple phone, tablet, desktop, and browser options.
  • Reduce your design and testing time and get to market faster with support for the latest versions of all major browsers.