User Journey View Overview

   Journey Analytics The behavioural analytics tool.  |   Analytics User |   Latest Version Latest version 21.05.0 cloud hosted.

The Journey Analytics User Journey View is available from v18.05 and presents an easy to follow diagram that illustrates all possible journey paths taken by users through an application. The User Journey View is built by selecting one or more custom milestones pre-configured and sent via Milestone APIs from a Maestro, Composer or Open UX application, or in a groovy/fluent service on Journey Manager.


  • Each node in the journey graph represents a milestone implemented in the Maestro, Composer or Open UX application or in a groovy/fluent service on Journey Manager
  • At each milestone, the number of users who reached this point in the journey are shown as a percentage.
  • Also, the number of users who reached this milestone, and dropped out of the application, are shown as a percentage.
  • Additional metrics are presented in a popover when a milestone is selected.
  • Segmentation charts can also be added at each milestone.
  • The users reaching a milestone can be segmented by adding a segmentation chart on that milestone. The segmentation charts are built using segments pre-configured and sent via Segment APIs from a Maestro, Composer or Open UX application, in a groovy/fluent service on Journey Manager, or through URL parameters.
  • Any number of segmentation charts can be added, on any milestone, as long as they are pre-configured.

User Journey View


To monitor changes to User Journeys over time, it is recommended to use form versioning in Maestro to isolate particular versions of a form, and to carefully select the timeframes the specific form versions were in use, to use as a comparison.


Watch the video for an introduction to the User Journey View, Milestones and Segments.


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