Journey Platform

The Temenos Journey Manager platform is a platform for building, managing and continuously improving onboarding journeys for all types of products. It is also system of engagementSystems of Engagement (SoE) is the technology used by an organization to help facilitate and orchestrate the customer journey via more personalized, seamless interactions across the various touchpoints. These include social media channels, email marketing platforms, mobile apps, and content management systems. that enables banks to create a seamless orchestration between the acquisition of customer data and the back-end system of recordSystem of Record (SOR) is an ISRS (information storage and retrieval system) that is the authoritative source for a particular data element in a system containing multiple sources of the same element. To ensure data integrity, there must be one -- and only one -- system of record for a given piece of information..

The Temenos Journey Manager platform lives in between customer acquisition channels and back-end systems, usually alongside an existing web CMS platform. This allows for maintaining the loose coupling between the customer channels coming in from multiple sources, and the back-end systems without needing major architectural changes to the existing infrastructure.

With tools for creating data collection forms, integrating third-party extensions like eSignatures, deployment and management of forms and the associated data, workflow, data delivery and optimization, the Temenos Journey Manager platform has been proven in banking, wealth, insurance, government, energy, transportation, and other use cases, globally.

The Temenos Journey Manager platform comes with several Springboard solution accelerators allowing you to quickly build Retail DAO, Retail Lending and Small Business Deposit Account Opening applications.

You can deploy and run the Temenos Journey Manager platform in different environments with the most popular being Virtual Data Centre (VDC)Virtual Data Centre (VDC) is an automated and scalable Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) cloud platform providing compute, network and storage.. For more information, see the Temenos Journey Manager VDC Editions.


If you'd like to know more, as a registered member of our resources website, you can request access to download Temenos Journey Manager products and documentation for supported Temenos Journey Manager releases.