Collaboration Jobs View Overview

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The Collaboration Jobs View uses a node graph to represent the Collaboration Job workflow, and provides a view into key metrics at the job, step, action, section and field level. The Collaboration Job workflows are built using configured collaboration jobs in Manager.


  • Each node in the collaboration job graph represents a step configured in the Collaboration Job in Manager
  • At each step, the number of transactions who reached this point in the journey are shown as a percentage.
  • Also, the number of transactions who reached this step, and dropped out of the application, are shown as a percentage.
  • Transactions are included regardless of their status as long as 1 step has been completed.
  • Dates specified in the period selector filter transactions using the start date of the first step.
  • Additional statistics are presented to the side when a step is selected.
  • You can also dive into the step details by clicking within the step details.
  • For steps that include customer interactions like forms or applications, you can also further navigate into the Field Analysis, Dropoff, and User Journey Views.

Collaboration Job View


Configuration in Manager and Maestro, to define the characteristics of the collaboration job, is required for the job to display in this view.

Enable Journey Analytics Collab Job Event collection

Assuming you already have a functioning collaboration job, the only configuration required to capture Journey Analytics events is to set a single parameter on the job service definition: insightsEnabled = true.


Watch the video for an introduction to the new Collab Jobs View.


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