List of Maestro Components

   MaestroThe UI design product.  |   Template DesignerForm Builder |  22.10This feature was updated in 22.10.

Maestro comes with the following components, which you can use in your application forms:

Icon Name Category Library
ABN (Australian Business Number) Business Data core
ACN (Australian Company Number) Business Data core
Address (Australia) Business Data core
Address (Global) Business Data core
Address (USA) Business Data core
Address Lookup Deprecated core
Advice Block - Info User Information maguire
Advice Block - Promo User Information maguire
Attachment Field Attachments maguire
Autocomplete Field Input Fields core
Autotab Block Containers core
Autotab Controller Tools core
Avalon Info Dialog Avalon Components avalon
Block (Mandatory) Containers core
Block Containers core
Button Group Buttons core
Button Buttons core
Cancel / Exit Navigation Functions navigation
Cancel Confirm Dialogs maguire
Cancel Success Modal Pages maguire
Card Content Template Cards cards
Card Content Cards cards
Card Selector Cards cards
Checkbox Input Fields core
Chevron Navigator (Embedded) Deprecated navigation
Click To Call Buttons core
Content Deprecated navigation
Countdown Timer Tools core
Countries Business Data core
Currency Field Input Fields core
Data Field Tools core
Data-Driven Checkbox Group Input Fields core
Data-Driven Dropdown Input Fields core
Data-Driven Radio Group Input Fields core
Date Picker Input Fields core
Date Picker Drilldown Input Fields core
Date of Birth Dropdown (Deprecated) Deprecated core
Date of Birth Dropdown Business Data core
Decimal Field Input Fields core
Delete Item Deprecated core
Dialog Content hidden core
Dialog Navigation Bar Dialogs maguire
Dialog Containers core
Dialog (Avalon) Dialogs avalon
Domain Object Domain Model domain
Dropdown (Years) Business Data core
Dropdown Bundle Navigation Collaboration core
Dropdown Multi Select Input Fields core
Dropdown Input Fields core
Dynamic Data Button Buttons core
Email Address Business Data core
Email PDF Receipt Button Post Submission maguire
Email Saved Form Button Post Submission maguire
Error Block Navigation navigation
Fieldset Containers core
Follow On Options Block Post Submission maguire
Footer hidden navigation
Form Background Image Display Fields core
Form Bundle Dialog Collaboration bundles
Form Bundle Job Tasks Collaboration maguire
Form Footer Display Fields core
Topics Display Fields avalon
Form Header Display Fields core
Form Help Dialogs maguire
Form Resume Button Post Submission maguire
Form Transaction core
Function Bar Navigation navigation
Gender Business Data core
Google Address Lookup Business Data core
Graphical Radio Button Group Input Fields core
Graphical Radio Button Input Fields core
Header hidden navigation
Horizontal Divide Layout core
Icon Button Buttons core
Image Display Fields core
JavaScript Library Tools core
Job Details Block Collaboration core
Job Number Collaboration core
Jump to Issue Buttons core
Landing Page Image Avalon Components avalon
Launch Child Form hidden core
Link Display Fields core
LinkedIn Auto-Fill Identity identity
Mastersoft Address Lookup Business Data core
Missing Field hidden core
Mitek License Auto-Fill Deprecated identity
Mobile Number (AU) Business Data core
Mobile Number (US) Business Data core
Modal Mobile Header Navigation navigation
Modal Page Containers core
  Modal Page Logo Avalon Components avalon
Multiline Text Area Input Fields core
Navigation Wizard Bar Navigation navigation
Navigator Step Count Navigation navigation
Navigator Wizard Bar Navigation navigation
Navigator Navigation navigation
Topics Navigation avalon
Open Bundle Dialog Button Collaboration bundles
Open Dialog Dialogs core
Open Saved Form Navigation Functions navigation
PDF Display Display Fields pdf
Page Controller Navigation navigation
Page Controller (Avalon) Navigation avalon
Page Group Navigation navigation
Page Navigation navigation
  Page (Avalon) Navigation avalon
Payment Type Selector Transaction core
Percentage Field Input Fields core
Percentage Indicator Display Fields core
Phone Number (AU) Business Data core
Phone Number (US) Business Data core
Popover Text Display User Information maguire
Popover Widget Container User Information maguire
Preview Test Block Collaboration core
Progress Bar Avalon Components avalon
Radio Button Group Input Fields core
Radio Button [Repeating] Input Fields core
Receipt Download Button Post Submission maguire
Repeat Add Button Repeats core
Repeat Delete Button Repeats core
Repeat Index Text Repeats core
Repeat Repeats core
Repeating Block Template (Deprecated) Deprecated maguire
Repeating Block Template Repeats core
Route Select Collaboration core
Save Challenge Dialogs maguire
Save Confirm Dialogs maguire
Save Success Modal Pages maguire
Save and Close Navigation Functions navigation
Second Level Navigator Navigation navigation
Section Level 1 hidden core
Section Containers core
Section (Avalon) Containers avalon
Select Language User Information core
Session Timeout Controller Avalon Components avalon
Share Form Button Post Submission maguire
Show XML Dialogs maguire
Signature Pad Business Data core
Slider Input Fields core
Small Dialog Dialogs avalon
State (AU) Business Data core
State (Codes) (US) Business Data core
State (US) Business Data core
Step Name Collaboration core
Sticky Panel Containers core
Submit Success Modal Pages maguire
Submit Transaction core
TFN (Tax File Number) (AU) Business Data core
Text Display Display Fields core
Text Field Input Fields core
Tile List Collections collections
Time Input Fields core
Title Business Data core
Toggle Icon Button Buttons core
Tramline Navigator (Embedded) Deprecated navigation
Tramline Navigator Navigation navigation
Video Capture Business Data core
Web Font Tools core
Yes/No Radio Buttons Business Data core
iFrame User Information core

The avalon library contains the Avalon template including all related components and resources.

Next, learn about the Attachment Field component.