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Maestro comes with the iFrame component, which allows you to load any resource specified with a static URL. A URL can point to a PDF file, hosted internally on a Manager form space or externally on a client web site.

You can use this functionality to embed various documents, such as legal statements, disclosures and term and conditions (T&Cs), into a form and present them to form users as per a journey flow. The example of an embedded PDF file in an iFrame is shown below:

Maestro use iFrame to embed a PDF file

You can't use dynamic URLs with the iFrame component. Use the Text Display component instead.


  1. Open the Palette pane in the Maestro Editor.
  2. Locate the iFrame component within the User Information folder.
  3. Drag the component into the View pane or the Wireframe.
  4. Configure the component's properties via the Properties pane.


The following properties are available to the iFrame component:


A static URL pointing to a web page or a resource, for example, a PDF file, hosted on a Manager form space or externally on a client web site


The height of the frame in CSS pixels. Default is 300

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