Journey Manager

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Journey Manager is the heart of the Temenos Journey Manager platform. It is a system of engagement, purpose-built to manage customer onboardingThe steps required to get a new customer integrated into a new program. These steps may vary business to business. and customer journeys, such as account opening and servicing.

Journey Manager is the enterprise management system that hosts the web form applications and enables sophisticated customer interaction and 3rd party system integration between form transactions and back-end business processes. Manager provides rich user interface so you can deploy, customize, run and manage complex forms. It has a number of very useful built-in features, such as A/B form testing, that help you adjust customer journeys to be as smooth and efficient as possible.

As you will discover, Manager is the complex system, so you may need to spend some time to learn and understand it in order to maximize its full capacity. There are several learning paths to get you started:

  • Check the links at the bottom of the page that take you to overview topics, which explain most important concepts of the system and how it works. Each topic is linked to another one to read, which maps a generic learning path you can follow.
  • Navigate to the Manager table of contents and read topics in the order they are listed, which allows you to get a complete grasp of all product functionality.
  • Download Manager documentation as a single PDF file so you can read it as a standard user guide.
  • Log in to our LMS, find a relevant Manager course and watch a video.