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Maestro comes with the Web Font component, so you can upload fonts as a resource and configure one to be used in a form.


  1. Open the Palette pane in the Maestro Editor.
  2. Locate the Web Font component within the Tools folder.
  3. Drag the component into the View pane or the Wireframe.
  4. Configure the component's properties via the Properties pane.
  5. Maestro web font properties


The following properties are available to the Web Font component:

Web Font

Font Options

Upload the font resources and configure the font or click Remove Local Override to clear the uploaded font

Font Family

Type a family of a font


Select a weight of a font from the dropdown list


Select a style of a font from the dropdown list

SVG Font Resource

Select an SVGAn SVG font is a new version of the OpenType format, with SVG standing for Scalable Vector Graphics. The SVG glyph format allows the characters to be displayed in multiple colors and different transparencies, and some may even be animated. font resource from the dropdown list or click Upload to use another SVG font file


To use SVG as a font in Maestro, first, you need to add a Web Font component to a template and configure it with an SVG font file. Then, you use @font-face CSS in the shared styles to apply the SVG as a font.

Unicode Range

Type an unicode range CSS descriptor to set the specific range of characters to be used from a font defined by @font-face and made available for use on the current page.


You can't add a rule to this component. For more information, see Maestro Business Rules.

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