What's New in 22.10

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The 22.10 release has a number of new exciting features and enhancements across the whole range of Temenos Journey Manager products. The updated products and their changes are listed below.

Journey Maestro

This release of Maestro includes long awaited updates and bug fixes of many early features, so you'll be delighted to upgrade your current product to the latest version of our software.

Read the detailed Maestro release notes or check the main release features.

  • Improved the Offline / Online form building process
  • Rebranded the Maestro product according to Temenos' vision, mission and strategy
  • Updated 3-rd party libraries and dependencies, including security updates

Journey Manager

We are pleased to announce our latest release of Journey Manager is ready for you to download! It's packed with new features and bug fixes, which you have been waiting for.

Read the detailed Journey Manager release notes or check the main release features.


We are pleased to announce the update of two new Exchange packages for the latest release.

Read the detailed Exchange release notes or view each updated package below:

  • DocuSign Version 1.3 - Updated to support mandatory OAuth Authentication, and removal of username/password authentication to meet DocuSign API expiry deadline of March 2023.
  • VixVerify GreenID Version 4.1 - Updated to add support for additional source documents including change of name and marriage certificates, and support for additional AEC fields for date of birth and property name.

Journey Analytics

We are pleased to announce the latest release of Journey Analytics is ready! The enhancements improve existing functionality and incorporate the following updates.

Read the detailed Journey Analytics release notes or check the main release features.

  • New Navigation and branding - The navigation menu is now found under a new hamburger style menu button, which allows more screen real-estate to be used for the data, and to be more usable on smaller screens and devices.
  • Scope selector sorting options - These options have been enhanced to allow sorting using Form Code and Last Updated, and allow both ascending and descending sorting directions.
  • Caching time reduced - Caching server requests have been reduced from 6 hours to 2 hours to improve wait times to view new data.
  • 'Today' definition updated on Dashboard tooltips.
  • Security and performance updates - Upgrades and enhancements to the underlying infrastructure of Journey Analytics to improve overall performance and security.

Journey Workspaces

The latest Journey Workspaces release includes many new features and enhancements to both Journey Workspaces and Journey Applicants (formerly known as the Workspaces Applicant space or Applicant portal). There's a fresh new UI with white-label theme support and several UX improvements, enhanced navigation with support for the grouping of spaces, and many new productivity features including support for invoking fluent functions, a new reassign action, and an option to perform bulk actions.

Read the detailed Journey Workspaces release notes or check the main release features.

Key features included in this release:

  • Improved UI and UX: A fresh new user interface for improved user experience.
  • Support for white-label themes: Allows dynamic branding based on the logged-in user.
  • Space grouping: Group related spaces under the new hamburger menu which also shares reusable configurations.
  • Custom card grouping: Improved custom cards that now allow several custom cards to be grouped within tabs.
  • Fluent functions: Native support for invoking Fluent Functions in Workspaces; available for custom actions, custom card links, and as a data source for custom cards.
  • Bulk actions: Perform a bulk operation of several commonly used actions: claim, release, assign, reassign, withdraw, and recover.
  • Reassign tasks: Reassign tasks without needing to unassign them first.
  • Timeline stepper : A new timeline stepper feature that provides a tramline view of application progress.
  • Tooltips: Tooltips are now supported to display additional information on the List screen's table and in the Details screen's key info card.
  • Improved modal window: Enhanced with an optimized content viewing area, and an option to open forms in a new browser tab.
  • Rules support: Configuration now supports rule definitions to control the display of custom actions, custom cards, and the upload attachments button.
  • Material icons: Use any Material icons in Workspaces and Journey Applicants configurations.
  • Additional data sources: Configure the Workspaces Details screen using data from the initial transaction’s properties, Fluent Functions, and job properties in addition to the current transaction’s metadata.
  • On-screen configuration editor: A new experimental feature to edit Workspaces configurations from the Workspaces UI and preview the changes.

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