Bulk actions in Workspaces

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Some of the text and images below may not match what you see in your Journey Workspaces app. This is because the features described are based on a default Journey Workspaces configuration, and your Workspaces app may be configured differently; for example, with your company's branding, with fields for other information, or with a custom layout. Nevertheless, the features described work the same way in every Workspaces app.

Workspaces provides a set of standard actions for working with applications and tasks. By default, all actions act on a single application or task. Sometimes, however, you may want to perform the same action on several tasks. The Bulk Action feature provides a convenient and efficient way to perform an action on multiple tasks all at once, rather than having to select each task item one at a time and performing the action. Bulk actions are particularly efficient when an action requires the entry or selection of additional data to complete it, such as selecting a user from a list.


Bulk actions are available on the Journey Workspaces List screen only. Neither Journey Brokers nor Journey Applicants support bulk actions, nor can they be performed from any Details screen.

To perform a bulk action, you first need to activate the Bulk Action mode. Activating this mode displays the Bulk Action panel which contains an Action selector and an Apply button. The Bulk Action mode is deactivated when you apply the Bulk Action action or via the Bulk Action mode selector. Deactivating the Bulk Action mode hides the Bulk Action panel.

To perform a bulk action, first ensure the Bulk Action mode is active, then select an action to perform from the Action selector. If the selected action requires a target user, the User selector is displayed. Select one or more tasks from the item list and, if required, a target user from the User selector. The order in which you make these selections is not important. Finally, once all selections have been made, apply the selected action to the selected tasks. A notification is displayed indicating the success or failure of the bulk action. A bulk action fails if the action fails for any of the selected tasks.


A Workspaces administrator can refer to the Journey Manager logs for more details about why a bulk action failed.

When you activate the Bulk Action mode, all of the items in the item list are disabled. Deactivating the Bulk Action mode enables all items in the item list again. Once the Bulk Action mode is active, each time you select an action to perform from the Action selector, the items for the tasks that can be targeted by the selected action are enabled with all remaining items disabled. You can use the Paging Tools to navigate amongst item list pages to find the tasks you need. However, when you click Apply, the action is applied to the selected tasks on the current page only. Selected items on other pages are ignored.

The actions that can be performed as bulk actions are:

  • Assign: Assign a task to a Workspaces user.
  • Claim: Assign a task to yourself.
  • Reassign: Assign an assigned task to another user. 22.10This feature was introduced in the 22.10 release
  • Receipt: See a read-only view of a submitted application.
  • Recover: Recover an abandoned or withdrawn application so that the applicant can continue with it. 19.11This feature was introduced in the 19.11 release
  • Release: Remove a task assignment for a task assigned to you.
  • Unassign: Remove a task assignment for any task.
  • Withdraw: Cancel an application that has been saved but not yet submitted. 19.11This feature was introduced in the 19.11 release

Each of these actions is described in separate topics. Click an action name in the list above to learn about these actions.


Bulk Reassignment of Tasks

The following example illustrates the steps required to reassign several tasks using the Bulk Action feature.

  1. Select the Manage space (1).
  2. Activate the Bulk Action mode (2). The Bulk Action panel appears (3), and all items in the item list are disabled.
  3. Select the action to perform from the Action selector; in this case, the Reassign action (4). Items corresponding to assignable tasks are enabled in the item list (5), and the User selector (6) appears beside the Action selector.
  4. Select one or more of the enabled tasks (7); the number of tasks selected is displayed in the Bulk Action panel (8). Select a target user to reassign the selected tasks to (9). Note that you can make these selections in any order.
  5. Once the tasks and a target user are selected, the Apply button is enabled. Click Apply (10) to perform the selected action on the selected tasks. In this case, the selected tasks are reassigned to the selected user, and their Workspaces id is displayed in the Assigned to column of the selected tasks. (11)
  6. A success notification is displayed (12), and the Bulk Action mode is deactivated (13).