Server Nodes Overview

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Journey Manager uses a scalable architecture based on server nodes. Each server node corresponds to a Java Virtual MachineJava Virtual Machine (JVM) is a software-based machine that runs Java programs. It can be installed on several different operating systems, including Windows, OS X, and Linux. JVMs allow Java apps to run on almost any computer. (JVM) instance where a Manager server is installed. Each server nodes can be configured to host a combination of the Manager console, host form spaces, and operate as background PDF receipt generators.

Manager allows you to configure a single server node to host multiple servers. For example, a single server node can be configured to host both the form space server and the Manager server. Receipt generation is handled by an individual server node, but you can change this configuration if required.

Manager creates default server nodes when it is initially installed. For example, a server node dedicated to PDF receipt generation is created when Manager is installed. Though these server nodes are installed automatically, it is still important that you check and confirm the configuration (including the IP address and credentials) of every server node to ensure that each of them operates as expected in the Manager environment.

All server nodes share the same database.

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