Permissions Overview

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Manager comes with a broad range of permissions to control user access to restricted content, such as form spaces and modules. Permissions are specific to a form space. There is the standard set of permissions defined for any form space, but you can define your own permissions and implement security rules for each form space.

The Manager console has the following permissions that govern user access:

  • View - gives users read-only access to the content.
  • Edit - allows users to modify the content.
  • Remove - allows users to delete the content.

By granting the edit or remove access, it doesn't automatically grant the view access. For each of edit and remove permission, you need to include the view access to the role. For example, to allow users to create new or modify existing organizations in Manager, their role must require the Organization View and Organization Edit permissions.

Manager has different sets of permissions for the following modules:

Next, learn about standard roles.