Tasks Overview

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Journey Manager allows you to create tasks based on forms and assign them to users or groups. The task can have prefill data associated with it, and completes when one of the assignees completes the task form.

In Manager, a task is a combination of:

  • A form or form-code.
  • Some XML data, used to pre-populate the form.
  • The ID of a user or group that the task is assigned to.

Internal tasks are also created when a user has not completed a transaction, for example, when they have saved but not submitted a form, submitted but not paid or added attachments, and so on.

A task consists of a form that needs to be filled in by a user. It may contain some prefill data for form customization, such as reference numbers, a task subject, and a task message that is used to identify the task to the user or other users, for example, a reviewer. When a task is created, Manager generates a submission object that is marked as a task and contains all task's related data. As the user opens and completes the task, the submission is updated as per its normal life cycle.

  • Form - a basic task that can be created using either form XML or prefill XML data.
  • Review - a task associated with a previous submission, which is often prefilled with the submitted data for review purposes. It doesn't accept prefill XML data.

Tasks can be assigned to either a single user or a group of users. The task status indicates whether the task is assigned, completed or has expired. Task expiration is controlled via an optional expiry date. When a task expires, it can invoke a Task Expiry Process service to notify an external system about the task expiry.

You can abandon a task if it's not required any longer or can't be performed.

As processing of tasks are based on collaboration jobs, we recommend you getting familiar with Collaboration Jobs, especially Action Properties.

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