Deploy Forms

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The Temenos Journey Manager platform allows you to deploy forms created in various tools. Maestro is our preferred tool to create your forms and components.

To deploy a Maestro form to Manager:

  1. Build a form in Maestro.
  2. Download the built form as a form version ZIP file from Maestro.
  3. Import the form version ZIP file into Manager.
  4. Configure the form in Manager, for example, delivery channels, receipts and data retention.

After the form is deployed into Manager, you can still update it in Maestro and sync up the form changes by clicking Update Design from Maestro from the form dashboard.

Caching of resources in deployed forms is straight forward with Manager, all resources bundles with the deployed form in the form archive are cachable but only in the context of the specified form. This means that the first time a user loads a form version they will have to download all the relevant bundled resources referenced by the form, excluding any external resources. This is to prevent issues with deploying a form that contains a new image or JavaScript file and due to browser caching getting the old version as it is still valid according to the cache. This is done by using the <base href=""/> element in the HTML <head>. Republishing a Maestro form of the same version will result in a different value being used for this base hef.


The initial release of Maestro was generally available in August 2016, along with Manager 5.0, which is the first fully supported version of Manager. Publishing forms to any version prior to Manager version 5.0 is not supported. Many features may work but troubleshooting and support will not be provided for Manager versions prior to 5.0.

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