Form A/B Testing Overview

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A/B testing, also known as split testing, is a process of comparing two versions of a form to find out which one performs better. Two variants of the same form, A and B, are shown to similar visitors and the one that gives a better conversion rate will only be used. An A/B test is considered industry best practice for optimizing a goal based digital experience. The practice arose in digital publishing where, for example, two different versions of an article headline are published to see which one of them gets the most click-throughs. Instead of two headlines, Manager allows a financial institution to run two different versions of the same onboarding journey at the same time to see which performs better. A/B testing requires multiple capabilities to be successful, all of which have first-class support by the Temenos Journey Manager platform:

  • The capability to collect detailed analytics in order to understand user behavior and abandonment (pain points) in an onboarding journey
  • The capability to make rapid changes to the onboarding data collection flow (the applicant facing forms), whilst maintaining a common data model
  • The capability to rapidly (and automatically) test and deploy new versions of the application journey
  • The capability for two or more versions of the same application journey to be deployed in a production system at the same time (the A and B versions)
  • The capability for a single URL to be randomly directed to either the A or B version, thus partitioning a live audience

Improving conversion rates is often imperative to any form modification. To easily measure the effectiveness of any proposed changes made to a form prior to adopting them, the form A/B testing feature allows for a trial period. After the trial period, it is hoped that a declared clear winner can be implemented as the newly adopted version of the form.

Manager provides the form A/B testing functionality, which you can use to compare versions of a form, usually the new proposed one versus the previous, to test the effectiveness of certain modifications. During this trial period, the modified form is tested in the following way:

  • Whenever a user requests this form, Manager randomly chooses a form version from the candidates to display
  • All user activities, especially submissions by form version, are captured
  • Form version metrics, for example completed transactions, are monitored and analyzed

You can view form A/B testing results as a set of graphs to determine the effectiveness of form changes between the versions.


For more extensive form A/B testing, you should use Journey Analytics.

Next, learn how to configure form A/B testing.