User Profiles Overview

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Manager uses user profiles to represent various user contact details in a user account. These contact details are predominately used for identification purposes and prefilling forms. User contact details may be maintained by an administrator from within Manager or by a user with an account that supports user profile management. Users and Manager administrators can create and manage one or more user profiles for a user account.

When logged into a form space (and if the standard Account tab is available), users can:

  • Update their contact details
  • Create more than one user profile
  • Elect another user profile to be the default, when more than one user profile exists
  • Delete a user profile

An administrator is also able to view and manage user profiles.

When you create a user account, it automatically creates a default user profile named My Profile, which contains a copy of the following user contact details:

  • Given Name
  • Family Name
  • Email
  • Mobile

Next, learn how configure a user profile.