Journey Manager Modules

   Journey Manager (JM) The transaction engine for the platform. |   System Manager / DevOps |  22.10This feature was updated in 22.10.

Journey Manager supports modular architecture, which allows you to deploy new software modules to add or enhance the existing functionality. A module is a WAR file that encapsulates this functionality. Some modules can be considered as products themselves, because of their rich functionality and the way they can be used, so you may refer to modules as products too, for example, the Maestro product.

Manager includes the following modules:

  • Avoka Exchange
  • Transact Insights
  • Transact Maestro
  • Transact Manager
  • Transact Receipts
  • Journey Operations  |  22.10 This feature was introduced in 22.10.

Our product names have changed, but the modules will maintain their original names for backward compatibility.  |  19.05 This feature was introduced in 19.05.

You decide which modules to install during the Journey Manager installation or upgrade.


You should only install the modules you need, because each module incurs licensing fees and consumes both memory and processing power of a server.

Manager allows you to access the installed modules (products) by launching them in a separate browser's window.

To open a module, click Modules and select a product from the dropdown list.

Manager open installed modules

If you can't see a module you need in your Manager instance, check the following:

  • The module has been installed to Manager
  • A form space hosting this module has been assigned to your user account
  • A role to access or view this module has been assigned to your user account

For example, if you don't see the Journey Operations module, you should try one of the following:

  • Check with the Support Team the module has been installed
  • Ensure you have the Journey Operations form space assigned
  • Ensure you have the Journey Operations Staff role assigned

For more information, see Provision a User Account.

Manager has a separate configuration UI allowing you to see all installed modules and update of their configuration and properties.

To view all installed modules and update their configuration, select System > Modules Config.

Manager view all installed modules

Next, learn how to configure modules.