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Product versioning and product releases go hand in hand with each other. We update and improve the products on a regular basis and make these changes available to our customers through individual product releases. We use major and minor releases to distribute new product versions. The kind of changes included in a product release depend on whether it is a major or minor release:

Major Release

A major release adds new product features, enhancements, libraries, and bug fixes, and, sometimes, can introduce behavioral changes that may affect Groovy services and integrations with other systems. While we try to minimize these changes, you need to review all product enhancements carefully to determine if and how they may affect your existing implementations.

A major release is denoted by a 0 as the third number in the release number, with the two first numbers representing the year and month of the release. For example, 22.04.0.

Maintenance Release

A maintenance release usually includes only bug fixes and minor changes. However, there can be exceptions when a maintenance release includes new features. If this is the case, it will be clearly documented in the product release notes.

A minor release is denoted by the third number in the release number being greater than 0. For example, 22.04.3.

Release Notes Sitemap

Detailed information on all major and minor releases is available from the Release Notes Sitemap in our Journey Platform resources website.

What's New

For a quick summary of What's New in each major release, see:

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